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cLASpy_T means ‘Tools for classification of LAS file with python and machine learning algorithms’ or classification LAS python Tools.

cLASpy_T uses scikit-learn machine learning algorithms to classify 3D point clouds, such as LiDAR or Photogrammetric point clouds. Data must be provided in LAS ou CSV files. Other formats should be supported later (GEOTIFF or PLY), and other machine learning project too (TensorFlow).

Purpose of cLASpy_T

cLASpy_T was developped to friendly use machine learning algorithms to classify or segment 3D point clouds.

Roughly, the software formats the input point clouds provided by LAS or CSV files to pandas DataFrame to be compatible with Python machine learning algorythms, such as scikit-learn or TensorFlow. cLASpy_T writes the output classified point cloud in the same format of the input data, i.e. LAS or CSV.



Version 2.1 dated 2013-06-21


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